seeed studio RPLiDAR A1M8 360 Degree Laser Scanner Kit – 12M Range

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seeed studio RPLiDAR A1M8 360 Degree Laser Scanner Kit – 12M Range

seeed studio RPLiDAR A1M8 360 Degree Laser Scanner Kit – 12M Range


Welcome to the world of seeed studio RPLiDAR A1M8 360 Degree Laser Scanner Kit! This cutting-edge scanner is designed to provide a 360-degree view with a range of 12 meters. Whether you are a robotics enthusiast, a developer, or a researcher, this kit offers endless possibilities for your projects.

Main Features

360-Degree Scanning

The RPLiDAR A1M8 offers a full 360-degree scanning capability, allowing you to capture a complete view of your surroundings. This feature is essential for applications such as mapping, navigation, and obstacle detection.

Precise Measurements

With a range of 12 meters, this laser scanner provides accurate distance measurements. Whether you need to measure distances for robotics, industrial automation, or research purposes, the RPLiDAR A1M8 delivers reliable results.

Easy Integration

The RPLiDAR A1M8 is designed for easy integration into your projects. It comes with a USB interface, making it compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices. Simply connect it to your computer or microcontroller, and you’re ready to go!


Enhanced Safety

By providing a 360-degree view and accurate distance measurements, the RPLiDAR A1M8 enhances safety in various applications. It helps robots and autonomous vehicles navigate their surroundings, avoiding obstacles and potential hazards.


The RPLiDAR A1M8 saves you time by quickly scanning and mapping your environment. Whether you’re conducting research or developing a new product, this scanner accelerates the data collection process, allowing you to focus on analysis and decision-making.

Versatile Applications

Thanks to its wide range of applications, the RPLiDAR A1M8 is suitable for various industries. From robotics and automation to agriculture and security, this scanner adapts to your specific needs, making it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the RPLiDAR A1M8 with Arduino?

Yes, the RPLiDAR A1M8 is compatible with Arduino. It can be easily integrated into your Arduino projects using the provided libraries and examples.

2. What is the scanning range of the RPLiDAR A1M8?

The RPLiDAR A1M8 has a scanning range of 12 meters, allowing you to capture detailed information about your surroundings.

3. Is the RPLiDAR A1M8 suitable for outdoor use?

While the RPLiDAR A1M8 can be used outdoors, it is recommended to protect it from extreme weather conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

4. Can I use the RPLiDAR A1M8 for mapping and navigation?

Absolutely! The RPLiDAR A1M8 is widely used for mapping and navigation purposes. Its 360-degree scanning capability and precise measurements make it an ideal choice for these applications.

In conclusion, the seeed studio RPLiDAR A1M8 360 Degree Laser Scanner Kit offers a range of 12 meters, making it a versatile and reliable tool for various industries. With its easy integration, precise measurements, and 360-degree scanning capability, this kit opens up endless possibilities for robotics, automation, research, and more. Explore the world of RPLiDAR A1M8 and take your projects to new heights!