benaGene – The Key to Cellular Energy and Longevity

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benaGene – The Key to Cellular Energy and Longevity

benaGene – The Key to Cellular Energy and Longevity


benaGene (oxaloacetate) was first developed from research into the molecular pathways of the calorie restricted metabolic state. Working with researchers at UCSD, UCLA, and UC Riverside, Terra Biological discovered biotechnology able to stimulate the same molecular pathways as calorie restriction with oxaloacetate, without actually reducing calorie intake. Currently, benaGene’s unique formula holds over 10 patents, has undergone five clinical trials, and has sold more than 5 million doses all over the world.

The Aging Process and Cellular Health

As humans age, normal cells run out of telomere length and stop replicating in a process called cell senescence. They become prone to chronic inflammation, and our stem cells decline in functionality. The quality, activity, and number of our mitochondria also decline. As a result, our bodies sometimes need a little extra help. Supplementing with oxaloacetate not only provides the metabolites necessary for the mitochondria to do their job, but also helps form fresh new mitochondria for increased energy production.

Benefits of benaGene

  • SUPPORTS CELLULAR ENERGY: A key metabolite, oxaloacetate is essential for energy production. benaGene provides your body with additional oxaloacetate.
  • POTENT ANTIOXIDANT: benaGene inactivates free radicals including TBARS and h2O2.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: Used by over 2,000 physicians, benaGene is a favorite of many doctors.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED AND INVESTIGATED: Numerous investigations into oxaloacetate have been researched and published, including several clinical trials.
  • PATENTED BIOTECHNOLOGY MADE IN THE USA: benaGene is powered by internationally patented thermally stabilized oxaloacetate and made in cGMP facilities in the United States.

Experience the power of benaGene and unlock your cellular energy potential. Start your journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life today!