Wireless Interlinked Smoke and Heat Alarm Scotland Bundle with 10 Year Battery Life

1 September 2023 By emspublishingusa.com

Wireless Interlinked Smoke and Heat Alarm Scotland Bundle with 10 Year Battery Life

Extend Your System

The CO11R-carbon monoxide detector can be linked and used with any of the other ‘Volcano SM11R8 Alarms’ range of interlinked alarms. Totally compatible with Volcano interlinked smoke and heat alarm bundle which meet Scottish regs. Please refer to the CO11R model (RF series).

Compliance with New Scottish Law

One of the alarms is set to detect heat only, allowing the heat alarm to be placed in the kitchen. By using a heat alarm in your kitchen to trigger when a rapid increase in temperature occurs, you’ll still be protected without having to constantly turn off false alarms caused by smoke. Smoke alarms can be installed in living rooms, rooms, hallways and basements etc. This will protect your home on all fronts.


This bundle of interlinked smoke and heat alarm has been ‘pre-Linked’ without any set-up, so there is no need to worry about testing over and over and upsetting the neighbors. Simply turn on the alarm, test them and then install them on the required ceiling.

Real 10 Years of Battery Life

The smoke detector is built in an energy efficient and eco-friendly lithium battery with low power consumption, enabling an incredible lifetime of 10 years with maximum reliability; spares you the hassle of frequent battery changes and provides uninterrupted 24/7 protection, even during power outages. We hereby commit to a 10-year warranty.

Wireless Networking & Security

Up to 30 wireless smoke alarms can be linked together so that these networked fire alarms sets can monitor the whole house. If one of the smoke alarms detects danger, all others also sound the alarm! Whether it’s a children’s room, hallway or basement, thanks to a range of 100 m, the warning penetrates every corner of your home.

Easy to Install & Connect

This linked smoke alarms and heat detector can be quickly installed on any wall or ceiling with no wiring required. Simply press the test / mute button to connect the wireless smoke alarms, these wireless interlinked smoke alarms work without an app or Wi-Fi.

Large Test / Mute Button

The interlinked smoke and heat alarm has a large test / mute button, so you can easily test the fire detector with a pole from the ground and mute the alarm instead of moving a ladder and climbing up and down. It is very kind and safe for the elderly.

Photoelectric & Thermistor Sensor

With photoelectric sensor, this linked smoke alarm reacts faster to dangerous smoke than conventional alarms. When triggered, the interlinked fire alarm notifies you immediately with an over 85 dB loud alarm and a fast-flashing LED display, giving you additional time to control of the alarm have fire or escape safely. The fire detector also has a heat detector that triggers the alarm if the room temperature is unusually high.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is professional installation required?


The Wireless Interlinked Smoke and Heat Alarm Scotland Bundle offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for protecting your home from fire hazards. With a 10-year battery life, wireless networking capabilities, and easy installation, these alarms provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of your loved ones. Don’t compromise on safety – choose the best fire alarm system for your home.