WISSNER Active Learning Big Base Ten Set

11 October 2023 By emspublishingusa.com

WISSNER Active Learning Big Base Ten Set

WISSNER Active Learning Big Base Ten Set

Product Description:

  • Service decimal arithmetic set for the class from Re-Plastic庐
  • From Re-Plastic庐: sustainable and 100% recycled, complies with the toy standard DIN EN71-3

Product Description

F眉hrren your children playfully into the world of numbers.

With the coloured decimal arithmetic theorem, arithmetic tasks with hundreds exceeded are especially vividly visualized and solved.

The relationship between “ones”, “tens”, “hundreds” and “thousands” and generally the structure of the decimal system is quickly understood.

Through b眉ndelungen und tauschaufgaben the insight of the students into the decadal system deepens.

With this often proven calculation aid, you illustrate the number range up to 1000 and all basic arithmetic operations. The different colours help to differentiate between the different units and are linked to the spot colours taught in class for holistic learning.


Our sustainable and pollutant-free Re-Plastic material consists of 100% recycled plastic of the same material type. It is absolutely equivalent in quality as well as optically and haptically to the previously used material. Since Re-Plastic can be 100% recycled, we ensure a continuous, effective, and responsible recycling cycle. You are welcome to inform yourself about Re-Plastic at www.Wissner-germany.Com.

As a family-owned company Wissner, we have been committed to a conscious sustainable choice of materials for over 40 years and produce exclusively in Germany.

The guiding principle of our products is: active learning – seeing, speaking, acting.

Box Contains

  • 1 x 039583.000 Big Base Ten Set

About this item

  • Dienes decimal arithmetic set for the RE-Plastic class
  • Contents: 100 yellow pluggable single cubes, 50 green pluggable tens sticks, 30 blue pluggable hundred plates, and 4 red thousand cubes (dimensions: single cube 1 cm鲁)
  • Packed in carton with instructions
  • Made of RE-Plastic: sustainable and 100% recycled, complies with toy standard DIN EN71-3
  • Made in Germany