RhinoShield Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max | SolidSuit

27 September 2023 By emspublishingusa.com

RhinoShield Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max | SolidSuit

RhinoShield Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max | SolidSuit


Discover the RhinoShield Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max. This innovative protective cover offers a slim design with a premium matte finish, providing both style and functionality. With its unparalleled shock protection and user-friendly features, it is the perfect choice for iPhone 13 Pro Max users.

Main Features

Unparalleled Shock Protection

The RhinoShield Case surpasses military-grade standards, offering impact protection of up to 11 feet / 3.5m. Despite its slim design, it provides exceptional shock absorption, thanks to its inner honeycomb structure that greatly increases the absorption of impact energy. This ensures that your iPhone 13 Pro Max remains safe even in the event of accidental drops.

Durable Material

The case is made from a tough yet flexible material that holds its shape without loosening, even after repeated bending or stretching. It is scratch-resistant, 100% recyclable, and 100% BPA-free, making it not only durable but also environmentally friendly. You can trust that this case is safe for you and your loved ones.

Minimal Design

The SolidSuit’s slim design closely follows the contours of your iPhone 13 Pro Max, providing a snug fit that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. Its premium matte finish not only enhances the grip but also adds a touch of elegance to your device. Rest assured that this case won’t interfere with your phone’s signal.


The RhinoShield Case is designed with highly precise cutouts, allowing easy access and control of all device buttons. You can effortlessly connect your official charging cables, use MagSafe accessories, and enjoy Qi wireless charging without removing the case. It offers convenience without compromising protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this case compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Yes, the RhinoShield Case is specifically designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max, ensuring a perfect fit and easy access to all device buttons.

2. Does it come with a screen protector?

No, it is recommended to pair this case with the RhinoShield 3D impact Screen Protector for a more comprehensive, all-around protection against face-down falls on pointed objects or highly-uneven surfaces.

3. Can I use wireless charging with this case?

Absolutely! The RhinoShield Case is compatible with Qi wireless charging, allowing you to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max wirelessly without removing the case.

4. Is the case environmentally friendly?

Yes, the case is 100% recyclable and 100% BPA-free, making it a sustainable choice for those who care about the environment.

In conclusion, the RhinoShield Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max offers unparalleled shock protection, a durable material, a minimal design, and user-friendly features. With its slim profile and premium matte finish, it combines style and functionality seamlessly. Choose the RhinoShield Case to keep your iPhone 13 Pro Max safe and stylish.