POLANIK Training Javelin – Class T

2 October 2023 By emspublishingusa.com

POLANIK Training Javelin – Class T

POLANIK Training Javelin – Class T

About the POLANIK Class T Training Javelin

The POLANIK Class T Training Javelin is a high quality training javelin at an affordable price. Its dimensions are in the style of an actual competition javelin, but this javelin does not necessarily apply to IAAF rules. It is a very high durability javelin with a soft shaft designed for lots of throws without causing overstress to arm, shoulder or elbow. Its flying qualities are very good and – important – balanced in a way that allows the javelin to be used by beginners as well as competitive athletes. The javelin is made of a duraluminium shaft with a steel head.

Available Weights

  • 400 GM
  • 500 GM
  • 600 GM
  • 700 GM
  • 800 GM
  • 900 GM
  • 1000 GM

Special Overweight Model for Women

For women athletes, there is an additional special overweight model available. It weighs 700 GM but has the same dimensions as the women’s 600 GM javelin. This allows women to train with a slightly heavier javelin without compromising their technique.

Experience the quality and performance of the POLANIK Class T Training Javelin. Perfect for athletes of all levels, this javelin offers durability, balance, and affordability. Choose the weight that suits your training needs and take your throwing skills to the next level.