Nagoya RB-50 (5″ Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet

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Nagoya RB-50 (5″ Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet

Nagoya RB-50 (5″ Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet


Welcome to the world of radio communication with the Nagoya RB-50 (5″ Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet. This innovative antenna mount is designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for your communication needs. Whether you are a professional or an amateur radio enthusiast, this product is perfect for you.

Main Features

1. Strong Magnetic Base

The RB-50 features a powerful magnetic base that ensures a secure attachment to your vehicle or any metal surface. This allows for easy installation and removal without causing any damage.

2. 5/8 NMO Mount

The 5/8 NMO mount provides a sturdy connection between the antenna and the mount, ensuring optimal signal transmission. This ensures that you can communicate effectively over long distances.

3. High-Quality Construction

Constructed with durable materials, the RB-50 is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling. It is designed to last, providing you with reliable performance for years to come.

4. 18′ RG-58 Cable

The included 18′ RG-58 cable allows for flexible positioning of your antenna. It provides ample length to reach your radio equipment without any hassle.

5. Rain Cap Included

Worried about rain or other environmental factors? The RB-50 comes with a rain cap that protects your antenna and mount from water damage, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in challenging conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this antenna mount with any radio?

A: Yes, the RB-50 is compatible with most radios that support NMO mounts. However, it is always recommended to check the compatibility of your specific radio model.

Q: How strong is the magnetic base?

A: The magnetic base of the RB-50 is incredibly strong and provides a secure attachment to your vehicle or any metal surface. It ensures stability even during high-speed travel.

Q: Is the included cable long enough for my setup?

A: The 18′ RG-58 cable included with the RB-50 is designed to provide ample length for most installations. However, if you require a longer cable, it can be easily replaced with a longer one.

Q: Can I leave the antenna mount attached to my vehicle all the time?

A: Yes, the RB-50 is designed for permanent installation if desired. Its durable construction and weather-resistant features allow it to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.

Experience the Nagoya RB-50 (5″ Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet and take your radio communication to the next level. With its strong magnetic base, high-quality construction, and included rain cap, this antenna mount is a reliable and convenient choice for all your communication needs.