Large Cardboard Boxes Storage Moving House Removal Boxes

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Large Cardboard Boxes Storage Moving House Removal Boxes

Large Cardboard Boxes Storage Moving House Removal Boxes


Are you planning to move to a new house or in need of storage solutions? Look no further! Our Large Cardboard Boxes are the perfect solution for all your storage and moving needs. With their spacious design and convenient features, these boxes will make your packing and transportation process a breeze.

Main Features

Our Large Cardboard Boxes are designed to provide maximum convenience and durability. Here are some of their main features:

  • Spacious dimensions: Each box measures 47cm x 31.5cm x 27cm, providing ample space for your belongings.
  • High capacity: With a capacity of 44 litres, these boxes can accommodate a significant amount of items.
  • Tick list: Each box comes with a tick list printed on the side, allowing you to keep track of the contents and ensure nothing gets left behind.
  • Carry handles: The boxes are equipped with sturdy carry handles, making it easy to lift and transport them.


Using our Large Cardboard Boxes offers several benefits:

  • Efficient packing: The spacious dimensions and tick list help you organize your belongings and pack them efficiently.
  • Easy transportation: The carry handles make it convenient to lift and carry the boxes, reducing the risk of strain or injury.
  • Durable construction: Our boxes are made from high-quality cardboard, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of moving and storage.
  • Cost-effective solution: Purchasing our Large Cardboard Boxes is a cost-effective alternative to renting or buying expensive storage containers.


When it comes to storage and moving, our Large Cardboard Boxes are the ideal choice. Their spacious design, tick list, and carry handles make packing and transportation a breeze. Invest in these boxes to simplify your moving process and ensure the safety of your belongings. Order now and experience the convenience of our Large Cardboard Boxes!