HSRG Folding ROM Knee Brace – Product Description

15 September 2023 By emspublishingusa.com

HSRG Folding ROM Knee Brace – Product Description

HSRG Folding ROM Knee Brace


The HSRG Folding ROM Knee Brace is a revolutionary orthopedic stabilizer designed to provide support and protection for individuals with ACL/sports injuries and mild osteoarthritis. Its innovative design and adjustable features make it a versatile solution for knee regeneration and stabilization.

Main Features

  • Wrap around the knee with soft pads and secure with straps.
  • The high-performance military aluminum alloy supports ductility and can be set as an individual requirement. Extension hinge allows the height adjustable about 20-25 inches.
  • With silicone-coated neoprene padding on both sides for migration protection and secured by straps.
  • Comfortable support and protection.
  • Connect the knee joint orthosis with neck strap around the shoulder and the buckle with the D-ring. It helps keep the post in place and prevents it from slipping when walking, and also provides more support to reduce knee pain. The sling can be removed if you do not need it.
  • Stability of the knee joint due to four adjustable straps due to osteoarthritis, which is caused by instability of the knee joint. Belts can be cut if they are too long.
  • The open design of the postoperative knee brace is easy to wear and reduces the pain of carrying the patient.


  • Versatile and adjustable size: After measuring the circumference of the thigh and calf, the length is adjusted from 20″ to 25″.
  • High quality materials: The foldable knee pads are made up of high-quality Velcro straps, sticky cloths, sponges, and hinges, and also support high-strength aluminum alloys.
  • Adjustable mobility: The double-sided range of motion settings can be set between 0° and 120° and between 0° and 90° in 10-degree increments.
  • Comfortable and lightweight: This orthosis is versatile and can be used on both legs. It is a lightweight kneepad for everyday use.
  • Customized fit: It is a truly tailored knee orthosis made from the user’s measurements.
  • Suitable for various conditions: It is suitable for ligament injuries (such as ACL, PCL, MCL), sports injuries, mild osteoarthritis (OA), and prevention of knee degeneration.
  • Unloader support: The high-strength, multi-center stainless steel hinge transfers maximum weight from the thigh to the lower leg without applying pressure to the knee joint. This makes it the perfect knee orthosis for the unloader.