Giant Teddy Bear – 160cm

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Giant Teddy Bear – 160cm

Giant Teddy Bear – 160cm


Looking for a giant teddy bear? Look no further! Our 160cm beige big teddy bear is the perfect choice. Made with excellent craftsmanship and packaged to perfection, this teddy bear will bring joy to anyone who receives it.



The 160cm beige big teddy bear is designed to perfection. Its adorable face and soft fur make it irresistible to cuddle with. Whether you want to surprise a loved one or decorate your home, this teddy bear is a great addition.


Made with excellent craftsmanship, this teddy bear is built to last. Each stitch is carefully done to ensure durability and longevity. You can trust that this teddy bear will be a cherished companion for years to come.


Comes with proper packaging, our 160cm beige big teddy bear arrives in a secure box to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. We take pride in delivering our products with care, so you can enjoy the excitement of unboxing your new furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How tall is the teddy bear?

The teddy bear measures 160cm in height, making it a giant-sized plush toy.

2. Is the teddy bear suitable for all ages?

Yes, the teddy bear is suitable for all ages. It makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike.

3. Can I wash the teddy bear?

Yes, the teddy bear is machine washable. Simply follow the care instructions provided to keep it clean and fluffy.

4. Does the teddy bear come in other colors?

Currently, the teddy bear is available in beige color only.

5. Can I personalize the teddy bear?

Unfortunately, personalization is not available for this product.

Order your 160cm beige big teddy bear today and experience the joy it brings!