Gevi Carafe for GECMA025A-U-1006

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Gevi Carafe for GECMA025A-U-1006

Gevi Carafe for GECMA025A-U-1006

Introducing the Gevi Carafe for GECMA025A-U-1006, the perfect companion for your morning coffee routine. This sleek and modern carafe is designed to enhance your coffee experience, keeping your brew hot and flavorful for longer periods of time. With its innovative features and elegant design, the Gevi Carafe is a must-have for any coffee lover.


1. Thermal Insulation

The Gevi Carafe is equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, which helps to maintain the temperature of your coffee for up to 12 hours. Whether you prefer your coffee piping hot or enjoy it over a longer period of time, this carafe will keep it at the perfect temperature.

2. Drip-Free Pouring

Say goodbye to messy spills and drips with the Gevi Carafe’s drip-free pouring spout. The specially designed lid ensures a smooth and controlled pour, allowing you to serve your coffee with precision and ease.

3. Large Capacity

With a generous capacity of 1.5 liters, the Gevi Carafe can hold enough coffee to serve a small gathering or keep you caffeinated throughout the day. Its sleek and compact design also makes it easy to store in your kitchen or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Gevi Carafe dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, the Gevi Carafe is dishwasher safe. Simply remove the lid and place both the carafe and lid in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Q: Can I use the Gevi Carafe for other beverages?

A: While the Gevi Carafe is primarily designed for coffee, it can also be used to keep other hot or cold beverages at their desired temperature. Whether you’re serving tea, hot chocolate, or even chilled water, this carafe will keep your drinks just the way you like them.


The Gevi Carafe for GECMA025A-U-1006 is a stylish and functional addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. With its thermal insulation, drip-free pouring, and large capacity, this carafe is designed to enhance your coffee experience. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee and messy spills, and say hello to perfectly brewed and served coffee every time. Invest in the Gevi Carafe today and elevate your coffee routine to new heights.