Egg Cartons for Chicken Eggs – 6 Count Egg Cartons for Chicken Eggs 20 Pack with Labels

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Egg Cartons for Chicken Eggs – 6 Count Egg Cartons for Chicken Eggs 20 Pack with Labels

Egg Cartons for Chicken Eggs

Product Details

Quantity: 20 pcs

Color: Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink

Fit to: normal size eggs, NOT suitable for duck eggs.

Features of Our Egg Cartons

  • Natural Pulp quality with no environmental harm
  • Egg cartons & egg crates
  • Each carton holds 6 eggs from size small to jumbo
  • Trays with lip can keep eggs safe

Multi-usage Cartons

  • Easter egg painting and storage, drawing your blessings on the lid, it is the ideal gift for your friends.
  • Keep your creative egg painting on cartons and put it in your home as decoration.
  • Create arts & crafts or children’s play material

Kindly Note: These egg cartons are only suitable for chicken eggs.

Benefits of Our Egg Cartons

  • Safely Stores Fresh Eggs: This egg carton storage box can hold a dozen chicken eggs perfectly. It has pillars in between the cells, and when the cover folds over, it will protect the eggs safely.
  • Durable and Reusable: The egg cartons are made of natural pulp paper, ensuring sturdiness and thickness. They are durable and recommended for multiple uses. The pulp fiber material can absorb moisture in the air to keep the eggs dry.
  • Packing and Size: The pack includes 20 pcs of egg cartons in 5 different colors (4 pcs per color) and 2 sheets of labels (10 pcs per sheet). The size of each carton is 6.1 x 4.7 x 2.9 inches.
  • Colored Blank and Your Special DIY: You can do DIY drawing or artistic creativity on the colored blank cartons, making them special gifts for your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues. With 5 different color boxes, you can start your DIY creations with your kids.
  • Multi Usage: The colored egg cartons are suitable for egg storage and transport. They are ideal boxes for sending eggs to neighbors and friends as gifts. They are also suitable for farmers and markets to pack up the eggs.