Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion – Pressure Relief Ride Seat Pad

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Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion – Pressure Relief Ride Seat Pad

Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion – Pressure Relief Ride Seat Pad


  • Surfaced with flexible & breathable stretch material to reduce humidity and sweating.
  • Unique multi-cell design for the ultimate in seating comfort and vibration absorption.
  • The structure can help to share 30% pressure and protect the caudal vertebra. When the airbag is squeezed, the gas between the airbags flows to each other. This process produces a uniform pressure “anti-gravity” effect, which adds extra buffer.
  • Dispersing the pressure from the point line surface, it is not easy to form a flat hip, thus shaping the natural beautiful buttocks.
  • With shallow groove design, you will stay cool even you have been sedentary.
  • By adding water to the motorcycle seat cushion, it will help cool down and dispense heat of your hip further.


  • Avoid touching any sharp goods.
  • Do not close to high temperature.
  • Do not over inflate.
  • Wash the air seat cushion cover by hand, do not wash by a washing machine.
  • Please do not use the water filled this motorcycle seat cushion in direct sunlight or in high temperature environment, in case the water become very hot.

What You Need

The requirements for the motorcycle seat cushion pad are higher especially for long-distance cycling and professional riders. Because the road conditions of cross-country vehicles are mostly rugged mountain roads, undulating roads, or filled with various obstacles designed by professional venues. To ensure a more flexible and comfortable drive, a new material airbag cushion becomes necessary.

Pressure Relief

Our ergonomic motorcycle seat cushion uses a mosaic of small cushions that can be filled with either air or water. The air convection technology produced an anti-gravity effect that offers support for your spine, thigh, and hip. To achieve the effect of shock absorption and stress relief.

Cool Down Technology

With shallow grooves and the 3D airbags’ gap design, this motorcycle seat pad can achieve an excellent ventilation effect. This structure reduces the heat transfer between the legs, the buttocks, and the motorcycle seat pad, you will feel comfortable and no sticky during driving. Also, this motorcycle seat cushion is water-fillable which is ideal for long-distance driving/sedentary people, keeps you away from sweat.

Premium Material

Lycra diving elastic fabric feels delicate and soft, greatly improves the feel of the cushion and the recovery of crease. It’s of high rebound, no deformation and can be repeatedly washed. And TPU fabric has outstanding load-bearing capacity, impact resistance as well as shock absorption.

Super Practical

To make the motorcycle seat cushion stay where you want, we used anti-skid particles and double-bandage fixation. The bandages adopt a cross-wrapping method to take care of the shape of the seat, which makes the seat fit the seat cushion better. The bottom of the motorcycle seat cover cushion is also designed with unique anti-slip particles. More reliable, more stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this seat cushion for any type of motorcycle?

Yes, the Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion is designed to fit most cruiser and touring saddles, providing comfort and pressure relief for various motorcycle models.

2. How do I clean the seat cushion?

The air seat cushion cover can be washed by hand using mild soap and water. Do not wash it in a washing machine to avoid damaging the cushion’s material.

3. Can I use the water-filled cushion in hot weather?

We recommend avoiding direct sunlight or high-temperature environments when using the water-filled cushion. Excessive heat can cause the water to become very hot and uncomfortable.

4. Is the cushion easy to install?

Yes, the cushion features an anti-skid design and double-bandage fixation, making it easy to install and ensuring it stays in place during your rides.

Package includes: seat cushion for motorcycle *1